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Name four (4) dramas Lee Minho is the main role for(2012) Historical Drama
 (2011) Action Drama
 (2010) Sexuality Drama
 (2009) High School Drama
Name four (4) dramas Yoon Eunhye is the main role for(2011) Untruthful Drama
 (2009) Upper Class Drama
 (2007) Gender Bender Drama
 (2006) Royal Family Drama
Name the actors who played the F4 (Boys Over Flowers)Also in 'Faith' Drama (2012)
 Also in 'The Women Who Wants To Marry' Drama (2010)
 Also in 'Playful Kiss' Drama (2010)
 Member of 'T-Max' KPOP Group
What were the names of the two main characters in 'Secret Garden' (2010-2011)?Played by Hyun Bin
 Played by Ha Ji Won
What is Rains (Solo KPOP artist) most popular drama aired?Aired in 2004
What famous actor and famous singer are in the drama 'Love Rain'Also in 'Mary Stayed Out All Night' (2010)
 Part of the KPOP group 'SNSD'
Who are the three guys who play the A.N.GELL group members in 'You're Beautiful' (2009)Member of CN Blue KPOP Group
 Member of FT Island KPOP Group
 Also in 'Love Rain' (2012)
Name the KPOP artists who were in the drama 'Dream High 2' (2012)Member of duo KPOP group with JYP Entertainment
 Member of duo KPOP group with JYP Entertainment
 Member of T-ara KPOP Group
 Member of 2AM KPOP Group
 Member of Sistar KPOP Group
 Solo KPOP artist
 Member of After School KPOP Group
Who were the actor and actress who appeared in 'You're Beautiful' (2009) and 'Heartstrings' (2011) as main characters?Also in 'Don't Worry It's A Ghost' Drama (2012)
 Member of CN Blue KPOP Group
Name three (3) dramas Lee Seunggi is the main character in(2012) Royal Family Drama
 (2010) Korean Folk Tale Drama
 (2009) Upper Class Drama
Which Super Junior member appears in 'Oh! My Lady' (2010)Also in 'Poseidon' Drama (2011)
Which Super Junior member appears in 'Panda and Hedgehog' (2012)Also in 'It's Okay, Daddy's Girl' Drama (2010-2011)
Name the three time travel historical dramas(2012) Ji Hyun Woo is main character
 (2012) Micky Yoochun is main character
 (2012) Jaejoong (JYJ KPOP Group) is main character
Name the three soul switching dramas(2012) Gong Yoo is main character
 (2010-2011) Hyun Bin is main character
 (2011) Jung Il Woo is in this drama
Who is the main character female in 'City Hunter' (2011), 'Man of Honor' (2011), 'Time Slip Dr. Jin' (2012) and 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' (2010)?It is one person... she also appeared in Big Bang's Haru Haru MV
Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki are both main characters in what drama?(2012) It is currently airing on Wednesday and Thursday on KBS2
What is the name of the character two main characters in 'Playful Kiss'(2010)?Played by Kim Hyun Joong
 Played by Jung So Min
In 'Haeundae Lovers' (2012) what are the two (2) names of the character Kim Kang Woo plays?His undercover name
 His real name
In 'I Do I Do' (2012) what does Hwang Ji An name her unborn baby after?Body Part
What actor is the main character in both 'Pasta' (2010) and 'Golden Time'(2012)?Male actor
What two KPOP groups have members that have a guest appearance in 'K-POP The Ultimate Audition' (2012)?Kiseop is a member
 Cheondoong is a member
Two main characters in 'Arang and The Magistrate' (2012)?Also in 'My Girl' Drama (2005)
 Is the Gumiho
Which drama has Seo In Guk and Shin So Yool in it?(2012) Comedy, Friendship, Life, Romance, School, Sitcom
What were the name of the four guy characters in 'A Gentlemans Dignity' (2012)?Also in 'A Man Called God' Drama (2010)
 Also in 'All About Eve' Drama (2000)
 Also in 'God of Study' Drama (2010)
 Also in 'Crime Squad' Drama (2011)

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