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Said on his Twitter account after being hit by a fan at a concert in ChinaI didn't put the actual quote because it had curse words in it. Just a precautionary reaction!
'I like to have relations with Hyori'Again I changed the word to something less crude just for precautionary reasons. The word 'relations' is replaced with a synonym that begins with 'S'. I know you know what that word is :)
'Rockstar!' 'ROCKLOBSTER!'
'Don't say random makes me do random things'
'Oh no, I lost my friend! 'Is he short or tall?' 'Short, short' 'NO I'M TALL'
'Jaejoong doesn't like to wear shirts or pants'
'You look like a mouse'
'Hurricane diarrhea!'
'Hi~ my name is 2PM'
'Do you like sex' 'Yes..'
QuotesPersonSide Notes
'You can listen to music without understanding it because music is an international language'
'I don't want to be the best, I want to become an artist who sings songs with meaning to it'
'Even if you are pretty, if your heart is not pretty, doesn't that make you ugly?
'Smiling is like a virus, when a stranger smiles, you automatically smile. This is why I smile all the time, so I can make others smile too'
'no makeup, No makeup~, NO MAKEUP~, NOOO MAAAKEUUUUP!'
'It's a conspiracy'
'Facts, peace, and forgiveness are the things we need in order to achieve world peace'
'We (DBSK) are not just living as group mates, but we are living together as a family'
'It's not an 'END' but an 'AND' '

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