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Who went on hiatus during f(X)'s NU ABO promotions?
She went on hiatus due to an ankle injury 
Which f(X) member is in the Taiwanese drama'When Love Walked In'?
She is starring as the lead female role in the drama. 
What is f(X)'s debut song?
Amber raps in the intro,Victoria does a tumbling while the other members just danced. 
Which f(X) member was a child actress?
She was a child actress and made special apperances in several dramas 
Who are the Ice Princess siblings from f(X) and SNSD?
- and - are the Ice Princess siblings due to their similar personalities 
Who is the black pearl of SNSD?
She is called the black pearl because of her tan skin 
When is Krystal's birthday?
What is Tiffany's Korean name?
Who is the aegyo queen of SNSD?
Who has the title of 'OST Queen' in SNSD?
Who is SNSD's shikskin?
She is a shikskin but has extremely long legs!Also,she never gains weight. 
Who is SNSD's maknae?
Who is f(X) 'Wave Girl'
She is called the wave girl because she performed in SBS's Truth Game when she was 13,she prepared a dance,a dance with a lot of waves.  
Who is the so called ''Mother,Daughter'' in f(X)?
Who starred in the drama 'Love Rain'?
What is Sulli's real name?
Which member of f(X) can bend her fingers?
This girl's got amazing flexibility! 
Who is SNSD's Dancing Queen?
When is Victoria's birthday?
What is Amber's Chinese name?

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