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Forced Order
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(YES/NO) Founded: 1990
(YES/NO) Founded by Kim Young Min
(YES/NO) CEO: Lee Soo Man
Debut Song - Hug
Debut Song - TWINS (Knock Out)
Debut Song - Replay
Debut Song - MAMA
Debut Song - The 7th Sense & Without You
Debut Song - Fire Truck
Debut Song - Chewing Gum
Debut Song - Into The New World
Debut Song - LA chA TA
Debut Song - Happiness
Debut Song - Trap
Debut Song - Rewind
Debut Song - Little Prince
Debut Song - Danger
Debut Song - I
Debut Song - Crazy
Debut Song - At Gwanghwamun
Debut Song - Shake That Brass
Debut Song - Don't Say No
Debut Song - Here I Am
Debut Song - Hoo
Debut Song - What U Need?
Debut Song - I Just Wanna Dance
Debut Song - Free Somebody
Debut Song - WannaBe
Former Member of H.O.T
Former Member of The Grace
The 'Chinese BoA'
The Queen of Korean Pop
The Energy Pill
The Flaming Charisma
The Black Pearl
The Chicago Guy
Appeared in Kyuhyun's MV Debut
Appeared in 'It's Okay, It's Love'
Appeared in 'Descendants of the Sun'
Appeared in Henry Lau's 'Fantastic' MV
Appeared in BoA's 'Who Are You?'
Appeared in SNSD's 'Hoot'
Appeared in 'School Rapper'
Appeared in J-Min & Shim Eun Ji's 'Way Back Home' for SMSTATION?
Appeared in 'Abnormal Summit.'
Featured in Henry's 'Bad Girl'
Featured in Red Velvet's 'Be Natural'
Featured in Jimin's 'Call You Bae'
Husband of Puff Guo in 'WGM'
Husband of Arisa Yagi in 'WGM'
Husband of Kang Sora in 'WGM'
Starred in 'The Cat Funeral'
Starred in 'Choco Bank'
Starred in 'The Liar and His Lover'
Starred in My New Sassy Girl
Starred in 'Skip Beat!' with Siwon
Starred in Dating Agency: Cyrano
Starred In 'My Lovely Girl'
Starred in 'One Way Trip (film)'
Born on Valentine's Day
Brother of 5urprise Gong Myung
Sang 'Best Luck' to Support D.O
Sang 'Because Of You' For A Drama
Sang 'Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway' for SMSTATION
Sang 'Spring Love' for SMSTATION
Sang 'The Day' for SMSTATION
Sang 'Dream In a Dream' for SMSTATION?
Lee Hyuk Jae
Kim Dong Hyuk
Shin Dong Hee
Dong Si Cheng
1st Super Junior Member to Get Married
1st SM Couple
2nd SM Couple
Hiatus from Super Junior
1st Chinese to Leave the Company
2nd Chinese to Leave the Company
3rd Chinese to Leave the Company
4th Chinese to Leave the Company
Left TVXQ (Group Name)
Left Girls' Generation
Left f(x)

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