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Forced Order
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Debut Album: Map of the Human Soul
Debut Album: 2014 S/S
Debut Song:
Debut Song: Fire
Debut Song: 200%
Debut Date: August 19, 2006
Debut Date: September 15, 2015
Six Crystals
Sister of Chanhyuk
Kwon Ji Yong
Lee Seon Woong
Lee Seung Hyun
Kim Jeong Shik
Dong Young Bae
Rumored Boyfriend of AOA's Jimin
Choi Jin
Choi Seung Hyun
Baddest Female
'Gangnam Style'
Winner of 'SMTM.'
Lip Balm
Lived at a rooftop by YG Entertainment
Last member to join iKON
Known for having 'deer-like eyes'
Known for being sassy
Brother of Soohyun
Fixed Host of 'Sugar Man.'
Appeared in 'SMTM3' with Bobby.
Appeared in 'Running Man' with Mino
Appeared in 'SMTM4.'
Appeared in 'We Broke Up' with 2ne1's Dara
Appeared in 'Roommate.'
Former Child Actor
'I'm Different' ft. Bobby
Former Member of 2ne1

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