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Can you name the SEVENTEEN members?

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Forced Order
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Fan Club Name
Debut Song
Debut Date (MM-DD-YY)
Name of Lightstick
Choi Seung Cheol
Kwon Soon Young
Hong Ji Soo
Xu Ming-hao
Lee Seok Min
Choi Han Sol
Lee Chan
Lee Ji Hoon
Face of the Group
Bag of Luck
Hometown: Jeju-do
Hometown: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Known for his beautiful hair
Born on January 16, 1998
Born on February 11, 1999
Born on February 18, 1997
Born on February 18, 1998
Born on April 06, 1997
Born on June 10, 1996
Born on June 15, 1996
Born on July 17, 1996
Born on August 08, 1995
Born on October 04, 1995
Born on November 07, 1997
Born on November 22, 1996
Born on December 30, 1995
1st Comeback Song?
2nd Comeback Song?
3rd Comeback Song?
4th Comeback Song?
5th Comeback Song?
6th Comeback Song?
7th Comeback Song?
Hoshi, Dino, Jun & The8
S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu & Vernon
Joshua, Jeonghan,Woozi, DK & Seungkwan
What Year Was Dino Born In?
What Year Was S.Coups, Jeonghan & Joshua Born In?
What Year Was Mingyu, DK & The8 Born In?
What Year Was Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi Born In?
What Year Was Seungkwan & Vernon Born In?
Who Did A Special Stage in Inkigayo as Part of Sixpack?
Who Was a Child Actor?
Who Appeared in Show Me the Money 4?
Which Music Show is Mingyu currently MCing In?
Woozi's Solo Song from 'Love & Letter' Repackaged Album?
Jun & The8's Song from 'Al1' Album?
Joshua & Vernon's Song from 'Teen, Age' Album?
Leader's Song from 'Teen, Age' Album?
Kanto's Song that Woozi featured in?
Vernon's Song with Pristin's Eunwoo?
Vocal Team's Song with Yoon Jong Shin?
S.Coups, Woozi & Vernon's Song with Ailee?
During 'One Fine Day' Which Member was Voted Last in terms of looks?
During 'One Fine Day' Which Member got sick and had to miss out on filming?
During 'One Fine Day in Japan' Which Member Got Mad During A Prank?
(YES/NO) First Won in Music Shows with Pretty U?
(YES/NO) Won the Rookie of the Year Award in 2015?

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