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What About iKON?

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Forced Order
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Born on January 03, 1997
Born on January 26, 1998
Born on February 07, 1994
Born on February 08, 1995
Born on March 31, 1997
Born on October 22, 1996
Born on December 21, 1995
Who Is The Rumored Boyfriend of AOA's Jimin
Who Is The Child Actor?
Who Won SMTM3?
Who Is Known for Being Sassy?
Who Loves Lip Balm?
Who Participated in SMTM3?
Who Is The 7th official member of iKON?
Which Duo Did Bobby Feature In?
Which of Lee Hi's Song Did Bobby Feature In?
Which Epik High Song Did Bobby and B.I. Feature In?
Which Masta Wu Song Did Bobby Feature In?
1st Music Video
2nd Music Video
3rd Music Video
4th Music Video
5th Music Video
6th Music Video
7th Music Video
8th Music Video
(YES/NO) I Miss You So Bad was written by G-Dragon
(YES/NO) #WYD was released on 05/31/16
(YES/NO) Debuted with Rhythm Ta
(YES/NO) Official Debut: Sept. 15, 2015

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