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Forced Order
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Which Bts member acted in Hwarang
What country is Sorn from
Which Big Bang member was the first to go into the army
What group sings the song don't recall
What is Woozi's real name
Which group debut first: Block B, Teen Top, or Nuest
Who married Solar on We Got Married
Who is the leader of Loona
What group did Mina and Sejeong join after the ioi disbandment
How many members does Big Bang have
Which Girls Generation members debut song was Don't Say No
When did Fiestar debut
What company is Sf9 from
Who's name in F(x) begins with K
Who sings the song hyde
Who's name in Aoa begins with Y
Who is the maknae of Super Junior
Which group debut first: Tvxq, Big Bang, Super Junior
What other survival show was Somi on besides Produce 101
How many members does Seventeen have
What year did 2ne1 disband
What song did Bts release with Spring Day
When did Exid debut
What year did Exo's Overdose come out
Dara has a brother that used to be in which group
Who is Kai's best friend form Shinee
Which ex 2ne1 member is on Unnies Slam Dunk 2
What group is Ryeowook from
Who sings the song Rookie
What group sings Liar liar
Who is B.A.P's leader
What is Shownu's real name
What year did Girls Day Something come out
What group is Moonbin from
2am's brother group
Who is Jackson usually shipped with in Got7
Which group is not from SM: Shinee, 2pm, Tvxq
Who's the leader of B1a4
What group is Bohyung from
What id FT Island's fandom called
What is Monsta x fandom called
Who is the maknae of Sistar
Who is the oldest member of Infinite
What is Twice's new song called (February 2017)
How many members are currently in Miss a
What is Ikon's debut song
What company is Pristin from
Which group is Jennie from
Who is the oldest member of Girls Generation
Who's fandom name is carat

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