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Forced Order
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How many members does Big Bang have
What is B1a4 fandom name
Who's debut song is Warrior
What song title does Beast and Block B have in common
What company is Vixx from
Who's the maknae of Aoa
What is Nine Muses first sub unit called
How many members does Oh My Girl have
Who's debut song is Into the New World
How many members does Ukiss have
How many members does Gfriend have
What show did ioi come form
What year did Sistar debut
What group is Jackson from
Which member of 2ne1 is the most fluent in English
What group is Taemin from
What girl groups lightstick is a radish
What group sings the song Mamacita
Which member left F(x)
Which group currently has the biggest bullying scandal
What year did Nalina by Block B come out
What company is Black Pink from
What country is lay from Exo from
What song title does Girl's Day and Tvxq have in common
What group is Sehun from
Who's the leader of Infinite
What group is sunny from
What year did 2ne1 debut
Who sings the song Fiction
What company is f(x) from
Who's the maknae of hello venus
What is Hyunseung and Hyuna's sub unit called
What boy groups fandom is called Topp Klass
What is Got7 debut song
Which companies are known as the big three (alphabetical order)
Who's the leader of Vixx
Who used to date Zico from Block B
Which member from Super Junior is on the show Knowing Brother/ a Hyung I Know
What company is Miss A from
What group is Jhope from
What year did Twice debut
What is Mino and Bobby's sub unit called
Who's the leader of Cnblue
Besides Nct U and Nct Dream what is the other sub unit from Nct
Who's fandom name is Elf
What girl group sings the song Up and Down
Who is Kai from Exo dating
Who's fandom name is Everlasting
Who has an album called Wings
What girl group sings the song Crazy

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