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which member of beast left in 2016
what group is solar from
who is the oldest member of 2ne1
who is the oldest member of bts
what is v from bts real name
what is chanyeol from exo surname
what is bap's fandom name
whos the leader of exid
who is the shortest member of exo
what song did 2ne1 and big bang sing together
who is the maknae of vixx
whos the leader of 2am
what group is nayeon from
whos fandom name is meU
which boy group sings the song baby baby
who is considered that nations girl group
what company is day6 from
whos fandom name is moo moo
whos the leader of block b
who was the maknae of red velvet before yeri joined
seventeen is from what company
who is the main dancer in miss a
how many members are in sistar
what is aoa's sub unit that debut in 2016 called
who was the last member to join kara
what is tvxq's fan color
what song did girls generation and super junior sing together
what year did kris leave exo
which member of 2pm dated tiffany from girls generation
what year did tara debut
what is the new group that former tvxq members formed called
what company is nct from
what company is cn blue and ft island from
whos debut song was tresspass
whos the rapper in infinite
what is bts debut song
what group was hyuna in before 4minute
onew is from what group
whos surname is choi in shinee
what was big bangs album called in 2015
who sings the song liar liar
which girl group has twins
who sings the song just right
who is the leader of apink
what company is infinite from
which rookie girl group sings rough
what group is a-tom from
what is after schools fandom name
whos the leader of got7
jay park used to be in which group

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