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Forced Order
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Who is good at fencing?
Guess my second bias :)
What was the duo called that jb and junior were in before GOT7?
What was their debut song?
What is Marks real name?
Which member is from Hong Kong?
Who is the visual?
guess my first bias (i have two aha:))
Which member is friends with BTS' member V?
What year did GOT7 debut?
Who is the tallest member in GOT7?
Which two members were in the drama 'dream high'?
whose birthday is on May 2, 1997?
Whos birthday is January 6th 1994?
What is the name of GOT7s drama?
Which two members can speak fluent english?
What is Yugyeoms real name?
Who is the youngest member?
Who said- ' Im your mom'?
who said 'i dab every morning when i wake up'?
Which member of the girl group f(x) is jackson close friends with?
Who is GOT7s leader?
Who are the two martial artists in GOT7?
Which member speaks 'engrish'?
Who is the oldest memeber?
What is Jacksons real name?
Which member was part of the project 'Big Byung'?
What is JBs real name?
Who had blonde hair in the 'stop stop it' MV?
Which member is from LA
What is Juniors real name?
Which member only trained for 7 months before debuting?
Which member llooks up to Chris Brown?
Which member is from Thailand?
What is Youngjaes real name?
Which members hates cucumbers?
Which (former) MC from ASC did jackson always used to jokingly argue with?
What entertainment are GOT7 with?
Which member from the rookie group Monstax was originally meant to debut with GOT7?
What is Bambams real name?
who did the aegyo for yugyeom on the show weekly idol?

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