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Has kpop infected you?

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please show us your _____
Your Favorite person in a group is called you____
Omo equals ______
Jinjja equals____
1.When you feel like something is regretful 2. When you say something funny but it's not interesting 3. Also means: sorry
Boyband members are called
Girlgroup members are called
Most common phrase: Oppa _____!!
When you ____ is when you are extremely or overly enthusiastic fan of someone or
Do you think of a kpop song every time someone uses a word that is in one of them?
Do you make the peace/v sign a lot?
Do you know at least one dance or an iconic dance step form a kpop song?
Do you let out korean words by accident/purposely?
Do you have 100 photos relating to kpop?
Are you answering this quiz knowing the answer to the title is yes?
Thank you!*finish off with any POPULAR kpop group*

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