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Chocolate fever is not a disease, its a(n) __________don't be confused
My boobs are really theseshhhhhh
Courtney is not a human, she is a _________don't forget 3 exclamation points
Life is one of thesethey are hard and cold
The type of relationship between Billy and Courtneythe wedding was beautiful
Courtney is Kathryn's ________not sure how that works out....
Kathryn is Courtney's ________
Bobtail's best flavor of ice creamso true, so good.
Do you think she used detergent?this is a person.
i love you
Courtney's rank on the shipnewly edited rank
Morgans new rank on the shiphe doesn't know yet
The height difference between courtney and kpin inches
Kathryn and Courtney's middle name
best place in the worldalso makes you lose your mind...

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