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Can you name the name the code words for each letter in the US phonetic alphabet as used in World War II?

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LetterWordNeed a clue?
Ahaving the capacity to do something
Bproducer of bread, pies, cakes, biscuits, etc.
CSnoopy's owner
Enot hard
Fcunning canid
Gsaint who defeated the dragon
H'hello' in Sioux
Ithing, object
Jold English folk dance
KLarry, Don, Billie Jean
Leros, filos, storge and agape
Mabbreviation for microphone or Michael
Nalternate spelling of popular Indian bread
Owoodwind instrument
Punsalted potassium nitrate?
QK's wife
RDaltrey, Corman, Moore, ****
Sbasic sweetener
Tweight of a vehicle without cargo
Uwhen it's done, what Bob is to you
WDuke of Cambridge
Xsame as the current NATO version
Yox harness
Zstripey equid

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