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Season 1
Don't Stop Believin' 
Quinn, Santana and Brittany join glee club 
New Directions wants to hire a choreographer 
Kurt joins the football team; Puck, Mike and Matt join glee club 
Will finds a replacement for Rachel 
Boys vs. girls, take 1 
The club is split between Sue and Will 
Ken and Emma ask Will for a favor 
Proud Mary 
Rachel has a crush on Will; Quinn gets kicked out of her house 
'It's like cool epilepsy' 
Glee club films a commercial 
Finn finds out Quinn's secret 
Rachel meets Jesse St. James 
Kurt and Mercedes give Sue a makeover 
April Rhodes returns; Kurt and Finn's parents are dating 
The 'G-list' is created; Sue gets Physical 
Rachel gets sick and panics 
Neil Patrick Harris & Joss Whedon 
Glee goes Gaga 
Jesse goes back to Vocal Adrenaline; Quinn gets angry - through song 
Regionals medley; Quinn's baby is born to the sound of Queen 
Season 2
New Directions wants new members 
Dental visits lead to pop icon hallucinations 
With Kurt's dad in the hospital, religion is the focus 
Finn and Rachel throw a competition for Sam (and Quinn) 
Glee's Halloween episode is a movie musical tribute 
Boys vs. girls, take 2 turns into an apology to the guest judge 
Introducing Holly Holliday 
Sectionals and drama; Valerie 
Brittany still believes in Santa Claus 
Superbowl episode = Michael Jackson and zombies 
Valentine's Day 
Sam sings Bieber; Brittany dresses like Rachel; Sue takes over coaching Aural Intensity 
Rachel has a party 
Holly Holliday teaches sex-education 
The only way to win Regionals? 
The club puts together a benefit for themselves and the Braniacs 
Prom Queen is up for grabs; Rachel considers a nose job 
Everybody's talking about...everybody else; is Quinn cheating with Sam? 
The big dance is here: who will win? 
An unexpected death 

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