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Can you name the Pretty Little Liars Characters?

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Forced Order
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The girl who dissapearedfirst and last name
best lawyer in town, and mother of one of the liarsfirst and last name
has a tattoo on his waist saying '9/01 free at last'first and last name
was the first A to be discovered and almost pushed Spencer off a clifffirst and last name
cheated on his wife with one of his students so then ended up getting seperatedfirst and last name
was dating Melissa till she saw spencer and him kissingfirst and last name
smart & athletic girl in the group of liarsfirst and last name
feel in love with one of his studentsfirst and last name
was found buried in spencer's backyard when a dog was barking at her hand coming out of the groundfirst and last name
seperated from her husband because he had an affairfirst and last name
on the swimming team and works at the brewfirst and last name
stole emily's camping gear & jenna's pottery, sibling to one of the liars first and last name
tortures the girls and knows all of there secretsfirst name
melissa's fiance who 'commited suicide'first and last name
tried drowning the girl she liked because she doesn't know how to explain her feelingsfirst and last name
one of the liars who moved to Iceland when her friend wen missingfirst and last name
is in love with hanna marinfirst and last name
faked her pregnancyfirst and last name
emily's girlfriend who was murderedfirst and last name
one of the liars who used to shoplift and was called hefty hannafirst and last name
had a relationship with jessica and they had a boyfirst and last name
used to date hanna, prom kingfirst and last name
used to have a crush on aria and blackmailed the teacher to help him pass the classfirst and last name
stole money and hid it in spaghetti boxes in her cabinetfirst and last name
missing girl's brotherfirst and last name
who used to like hanna but they were just friends 'Hermie'first name
who the girls blinded in the garagefirst and last name
emily fields mom who was struggling with emily going through her big changefirst and last name
who byron had an affair withfirst and last name
ashley marin's ex husbandfirst and last name
the cop who always stalked the girls and was later killedfirst and last name
had a relationship with jenna and was killed on the ghost train and shoved in a boxfirst and last name
the girls therapist, A ruined her office first and last name
who the girls thought trapped them in the underground bunker but didn'tfirst and last name
who was down in the underground bunker for 2 years and now is living with emilyfirst and last name
hanna's step-sister who tried blackmailing hanna but failedfirst and last name
alison's friend who knew each other when she was 'dead', redcoatfirst and last name
who aria used to date who was also her boxing coachfirst name
ezra's old girlfriendfirst name
who kidnapped the girls into the underground bunkerfirst and last name

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