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Can you name the Grey's anatomy current characters?

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Forced Order
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Married to 'McDreamy'
Had a rare type of cancer
Orthopedic surgeon
Dated Izzie Stevens
In love with Mark Sloan
Part of the plastic posse with Mark Sloan
Was nicknamed 007
Married to Owen Hunt
Chief resident who failed to pass her surgical boards
Told Gary Clark she was a nurse to not get shot
Current Chief of surgery
Fled the country after he left Cristina at the alter
Served in Iraq
Pediatric Surgeon
Took over For Preston Burke after he left
Served in Iraq with her best friend who she secretly has a crush on
First person to get shot by Gary Clark in the head
Currently dating Alex Karev
Was previously married to Derek Shepherd
Award winning surgeon who had Alzheimer's
Meredith and Lexie's half-sister
Forced her fellow interns to take out her appendix
Derek's sister who was an addict and is also a Neurosurgeon \
Was told by the Chief that surgery wasn't her thing
Alex Karev fell in love with this patient 'Ava'
Dr. Bailey help him in her arms as he died
Died looking for the Chief when the power went out, 'Mousey'
Was given Syphilis by Alex and then she gave it to George
Bartender who works accross the street from the hospital
'McVet' who dated Meredith

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