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Last Name / Nick NameFirst Name
Templeton – punk-ass Sun reporter
'Herc' Hauk
Bond – newly elected Maryland State's Attorney winning over Demper
'Fifty' Spamanto – the docks
Mayor Royce
'Ott' Motley – the docks
Gray – City Councilman and running for Mayor
Wright – Mr. Little's murdered boyfriend
Barksdale – Nephew
Brice – schoolboy, Wee-bey's son
Levy – Defense Attorney
Bratton – muscle for Barksdale, then jail, then muscle for Stanfield
Whiting – Sun's Executive Editor
'Prez' Pryzbylewski
Tilghman – Corrupt Correctional Officer
Little – infamous stick-up man
'Poot' Carr
Detective 'Bunk' Moreland
Brice – Wee-Bey's Ex and mother to his son also in this quiz
Senator Davis
Metcalf – Stanfield Soldier
Mayor Carcetti
Mahon – Alcoholic Hump Detective who retires early due to injury
McNulty – McNulty's son
Lee – school boy who grows up quickly
Barlow – Homicide Detective
'Bird' Hilton
Steintorf – Carcetti Campaign
McNulty's Ex
Last Name / Nick NameFirst Name
'Vondas' Vondopoulos
Holley – Homicide Detective
Wagstaff – schoolboy
Foerster – deceased Major then Colonel (2nd wake)
Kima Greggs – (full first name)
Nathan – female Assitant State's Attorney who prosecuted Bird
Daniels – Wife
'Wee-Bey' Brice
Haynes – Sun's City Desk Editor
Carcetti – Wife
'Beadie' Russell – port police officer
Weeks – Bubbles' Friend
Barksdale – Sister
'Horseface' Pakusa – the docks
'Orlando' Blocker
Gutierrez – Sun crime beat reporter
'Little Man' Royce
Innes – Freamon's girlfriend, former dancer at Orlando's
'Dukie' Weems – schoolboy
'Shamrock' McGinty
Mello – lieutenant in the Western under Colvin
'Cheese' Wagstaff
Sergeant Carver
'Lex' Anderson
'Fitz' Fitzhugh – FBI Agent
'Ziggy' Sobotka
'Snoop' Pearson
Fletcher – Sun general assignments reporter
Norris – Homicide Detective played by former police commissioner for Baltimore of the same name
'Cutty' Wise
Last Name / Nick NameFirst Name
Pearlman – female Assistant State's Attorney in the narcotics division, ends the show as a Judge
Malatov (Boris)
Phelan – Judge
Ben-Eleazer – Israeli who works for the greek
'No Heart' _______ Litte
Sobotka – Nephew
D'Agostino – Carcetti Campaign
Sobotka – Father
'Proposition' ____ Stewart
Klebanow – Sun's Managing Editor
Detective Sergeant Landsman
'White _____ ' McArdle
Crutchfield – Homicide Detective
Watkins – major Baltimore political figure in a wheelchair
DiPasquale – Grand Jury Prosecutor
Dozerman – officer who was shot but lived, also had his service weapon stolen
Officer Walker – corrupt patrol officer in the Western
'Bubbles' Cousins
'Bunny' Colvin
'Bodie' Broadus
Cole – deceased homicide detective (1st wake)
Santangelo – Homicide Detective then beat cop
Polk – Alcoholic Hump Detective
Officer Collichio
'Stringer' Bell
'Double G' Glekas – Greek shot by Ziggy
Wilson – Carcetti Campaign
McNulty – McNulty's son
'Stinkum' Artis
Campbell – City Council President

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