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The type of current running through your home.
Flows in only ONE direction.
6.24x10 to the 18th
Any electrons on the outer shell of an atom.
Most used electrical equations.
Force behind electron flow.
Maximum # of electrons that can be fit in an orbit.
Opposition to the flow of electrons.
Cycles per Second?
The rate of electron flow.
This current is unidirectional...
Atoms are made up of?
V, E, Electrical Pressure represent...
F x D is:
A work rate of 550 ft. lb.
Amps need to be tested in?
Amount of work done in a time period...
R, Ohms, Omega represent...
One volt of electrical pressure moves one coulomb of electricity in one second.
A, Amphere, or I represent...
What is GFI?
Determines the strength of the magnetic field.
How many laws of magnetism are there?
He's the father of electricity...
Similar to Ohm's and Watt's law:
Where greatest magnetic force is found on a magnet.
Protons are...
The ability of a material or substance to conduct magnetic lines of force:
Staples always have to be _ in. apart.
A small amount of magnetic power left over.
Valence shell can not hold more than ? electrons...
Wire always has to be ________ of the stud.
Neutrons are...
This was used in navigation...
Conductors wound into a coil...
Electrons are...
Is the magnetizing force through unit of length:
Resistance to magnetic flux:
Invisible lines of magnetic force surrounding a magnet:

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