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Forced Order
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1st Part of Riddle2nd Part of RiddleClue
At night they fly, you'd better run...Bats
In the jungle you must wait...Sucked into Game
A tiny bite can make you itch, ...Mosquitoes
This will not be an easy mission...Monkeys
His fangs are sharp, he likes your taste...Lion
They grow much faster than bamboo...Plants
A hunter from the darkest wild...Hunter
1st Part of Riddle2nd Part of RiddleClue
Don't be fooled, it isn't thunder...Stampede
A law of Jumanji has been broken, ...Turned into Monkey
Every month at the quarter moon, ...Rain
Beware the ground on which you stand...Quicksand
There is a lesson you will learn...Stops effect from previous riddle
Need a hand? Well you just wait...Spiders
You're almost there with much at stake, ..Earthquake

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