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What cheek is Aiba's mole on? (left or right)
Who is closest to the camera at the beginning of the Everything PV?
How many times does Aiba lift his leg up in the Happiness PV? (Does not include walking)
What colour jacket does Jun wear when Sakuraiba kiss in Vs Arashi?
At the beginning of Arashi's performance at the 62nd Kohaku, what colour appears second on the screen in the background?
Which Arashi member appears first on the screen at the Arashi Live Tour: Beautiful World?
How long is Sakurai's rap in Face Down? (in secs)
Kitto Daijoubu Lyrics: 'When I was driving in that night kizukeba mada ____ ni hora sora...'
What colour dress shirt is Sakurai wearing in the Troublemaker PV?

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