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Can you name the 100 different NHRA Top Fuel Winners

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1963 WinternationalsPomona, California
1964 WinternationalsPomona, California
1965 WinternationalsPomona, California
1965 SpringnationalsBristol, Tennessee
1966 WinternationalsPomona, California
1966 SpringnationalsBristol, Tennessee
1966 World FinalsTulsa, Oklahoma
1967 WinternationalsPomona, California
1967 World FinalsTulsa, Oklahoma
1968 WinternationalsPomona, California
1969 WinternationalsPomona, California
1969 SpringnationalsDallas, Texas
1969 World FinalsDallas, Texas
1970 WinternationalsPomona, California
1970 GatornationalsGainesville, Florida
1970 SpringnationalsDallas, Texas
1970 World FinalsDallas, Texas
1970 SupernationalsOntario, California
1971 GatornationalsGainesville, Florida
1971 SummernationalsEnglishtown, New Jersey
1971 Le GrandnationalQuebec, Canada
1971 SupernationalsOntairo, California
1971 World FinalsAmarillo, Texas
1972 WinternationalsPomona, California
1972 SpringnationalsColumbus, Ohio
1972 SummernationalsEnglishtown, New Jersey
1972 Le GrandnationalQuebec, Canada
1972 U.S. NationalsIndianapolis, Indiana
1972 SupernationalsOntario, California
1972 World FinalsAmarillo, Texas
1973 GatornationalsGainesville, Florida
1973 SpringnationalsColumbus, Ohio
1973 SummernationalsEnglishtown, New Jersey
1973 World FinalsAmarillo, Texas
1974 GatornationalsGainesville, Florida
1974 SummernationalsEnglishtown, New Jersey
1974 U.S. NationalsIndianapolis, Indiana
1975 SummernationalsEnglishtown, New Jersey
1976 WinternationalsPomona, California
1976 SpringnationalsColumbus, Ohio
1976 SummernationalsEnglishtown, New Jersey
1977 U.S. NationalsIndianapolis, Indiana
1977 Fall NationalsSeattle, Washington
1978 WinternationalsPomona, California
1978 Fall NationalsSeattle, Washington
1979 WinternationalsPomona, California
1980 SummernationalsEnglishtown, New Jersey
1980 U.S. NationalsIndianapolis, Indiana
1981 U.S. NationalsIndianapolis, Indiana
1982 Southern NationalsAtlanta, Georgia
1982 Cajun NationalsBaton Rouge, Louisiana
1982 Mile High NationalsDenver, Colorado
1982 World FinalsOntario, California
1983 Cajun NationalsBaton Rouge, Louisiana
1983 GatornationalsGainesville, Florida
1983 Mile High NationalsDenver, Colorado
1984 WinternationalsPomona, California
1985 SpringnationalsColumbus, Ohio
1985 Fall NationalsPhoenix, Arizona
1986 Chief Auto Parts WinternationalsPomona, California
1986 Castrol GTX Southern NationalsAtlanta, Georgia
1988 Motorcraft GatornationalsGainesville, Florida
1990 Chief Auto Parts WinternationalsPomona, California
1990 Budweiser SpringnationalsColumbus, Ohio
1991 Motorcraft Ford Arizona NationalsPhoenix, Arizona
1991 Mopar Parts SummernationalsEnglishtown, New Jersey
1991 AC-Delco Heartland NationalsTopeka, Kansas
1992 Goody's Mid-South NationalsMemphis, Tennessee
1992 Jolly Rancher Northwest NationalsSeattle, Washington
1992 U.S. NationalsIndianapolis, Indiana
1993 Oldsmobile SpringnationalsColumbus, Ohio
1993 Mopar Mile-High NationalsDenver, Colorado
1993 Jolly Rancher Northwest NationalsSeattle, Washington
1993 Keystone NationalsReading, Pennsylvania
1993 Sears Craftsman NationalsTopeka, Kansas
1993 Winston World FinalsPomona, California
1995 Atsco NationalsPhoenix, Arizona
1995 Northwest NationalsSeattle, Washington
1995 Winston Select FinalsPomona, California
1996 Sears Craftsman NationalsTopeka, Kansas
1997 Chief Auto Parts WinternationalsPomona, California
1997 Mopar Parts NationalsEnglishtown, New Jersey
1998 Autolite NationalsSonoma, California
1999 O'Reilly Fall NationalsDallas, Texas
2001 AutoZone WinternationalsPomona, California
2003 Checker Schuck's Kragen NationalsPhoenix, Arizona
2005 O'Reilly Summer NationalsTopeka, Kansas
2005 O'Reilly Mid-South NationalsMemphis, Tennessee
2006 Carquest Auto Parts WinternationalsPomona, California
2006 Mopar Mile-High NationalsDenver, Colorado
2008 O'Reilly Spring NationalsHouston, Texas
2008 O'Reilly Summer NationalsTopeka, Kansas
2009 Summit Racing Southern NationalsAtlanta, Georgia
2009 Route 66 NationalsJoliet, Illinois
2011 Tire Kingdom GatornationalsGainesville, Georgia
2011 AAA Fall NationalsDallas, Texas
2012 Summit Racing Southern NationalsAtlanta, Georgia
2012 O'Reilly Auto Parts NationalsCharlotte, North Carolina
2012 Auto Plus NationalsReading, Pennsylvania
2014 Toyota SummernationalsEnglishtown, New Jersey

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