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Can you name the words that start with 'de'?

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German for 'Germany'
This type of doctor often has a D.D.S.
The 'velociraptors' in Jurassic Park were actually this lesser known dinosaur, whose name means Terrible Claw
These evil spirits of Western mythology are often depicted with horns and pitchforks
Earthworms aid in this process after you die (unless you're cremated)
The medical term for the second layer of your skin
The name for this Christian leader comes from the Greek word meaning 'servant'
Doing this to your hard drive might speed up your old computer
You might buy a gourmet sandwich at this type of store with a German name
Unable to hear
Symptoms of this age-induced disorder include confusion, incontinence, and memory loss
Some lizards, such as anoles, have one of these under their neck

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