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Forced Order
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Ted invited his perfect online girl to play...
What's Bob's (Robin's older boyfriend) favourite pie?
Who's name sounds like a frog talking to a parrot?
What's the name of the experimental play Lily takes Marshall to?
Who ends up working at the same firm as Barney's rival Clark Butterfield?
During the whole show 'The Naked Man' is successfully performed _ out of _ times
Who is Marshall's childhood hero?
What's Barney's only known Facebook status?
How many women named Tracy appear on the show before we meet the mother?
What rhymes with 'beck and call'?
What's Ted's special hangover remedy?
Where did Barney say he found Robin's locket?
Who was the only one to read out the full letter about Stella in 'Intervention'?
Where did Ted's parents meet?
What's Barney's favourite number for made up statistics?
What's Barney allergic to?
Who created
'Name that bitch' (any Ted's ex that only appears on photos will do)
Who has a butterfly tattoo?
How many bets did Marshall lose to Lily?
Where did Marshall and Brad's 'first date' take place?
What's named after Ted at kid's swimming class?
Who were the last ones to see the cockamouse?
The writers of HIMYM appear on screen in an episode called...
Who was grabbing Barney's ass on his birthday photo?
Who is the character that struggles with using chopsticks?
What's the name of the artist Lily takes Marshall to see?
Name one other stripper mentioned except for Karma and stripper Lily
Who's the only Vikings player who's name Robin remembers?
When we first see Scooter working, he is working as a...
What's the game Robin invites Barney to play at her place?
Name any drink one of the characters created

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