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What year was the film 'Toy Story' released?
What colour is the star on the 'Pixar ball'?
What is the name of the character played by Larry the cable guy?
What is the name of Hopper's brother?
What does Carl send Russell to look for?
Who was the first character to have fur?
Which character was played by John Ratzenberger in 'Brave'?
What is Geri's part time job?
What is Dash's middle name?
Name one of the other two films that the tree from bugs life appears in?
Where does Mr. Fredricksen travel to?
which side is Nemo's lucky fin?
What was Pixar originally known as/part of?
Which Pixar short was released with 'Toy Story 3'?
What is the name of the animation software that Pixar creates and uses?
What comic book is the boy reading in the dentist waiting room in 'Finding Nemo'?
Where are the Pixar studios based?
What was the name of the abandoned Pixar film?
What did the gypsy cart in 'Boundin'' later go on to accomplish?
Pixar took 3 months to decide if WALLE would or would not have which joint(s)?
For what reason was the Yeti banished?
What is the number plate of Andy's mum's car?
What chess piece does Geri move to cause checkmate?
What does 'CDA' stand for?
What is Dr. Frasenburger's advice on TV to Monstropolis after Boo is known to be in the monster world? (one word)
What is the name of the character played by Eddie Izzard?
What is the occupation of a Mr. Philip Sherman?

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