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January 4: this tallest man made structure is officially opened
January 12: A 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocks this country
February 12-28: Winter olympics are held in this city
February 12: Luger Nodar Kumaritashvili of this country dies in a practice run after flying off the track
February 18: President Tandja Mamadou of this African nation is overthrown
February 27: An 8.8 magnitude earthquake hits very near this capital, and triggering a tsunami, killing 497 people
March 26: South Korea blames this country for the sinking of the ROKS Cheonen
April 10: President Lech Kaczynski of this country dies in a plane crash
April 20: This oil platforms explodes causing one of the worst oil spills ever recorded
Event DescriptionEvent
May 2: this country receives a ยข110 billion bailout
June 11: The World Cup starts off with a goal scored by Tshabalala of this African nation
July 25: This organization leaks over 90,000 internal reports about the US war in Afghanistan
August 10: The World Health Organization declares this pandemic over
September 3: The oldest person in this country, Annie Turnbull died at age 111
October 13: Miners in this country return to ground level after being trapped for 69 days in a mining accident
November 17: Researchers at this science lab trap 38 antihydrogen atoms for a sixth of a second, marking the first time in history that humans have trapped antimatter.
December 10: The United Nations conference in Cancun about this topic ends. Hint Kyoto Protocol

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