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Can you name the teams of the 4 major sports when given a word that lies entirely within the respective team name? (see game notes)

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Word WithinTeam Name
hill (raised area of land)
pit (large hole; peach seed)
evil (immoral; malevolent)
ruin (destruction)
din (noise)
nick (small cut or notch)
wing (bird appendage)
ace (pilot; playing card)
lack (state of being without)
nee (formerly; born as)
ark (vessel; ship)
jack (lifting device; playing card)
con (swindle; anti)
tar (paving material; sailor)
trio (group of 3)
and (also; too)
red (primary color)
Word WithinTeam Name
ole (informal/archaic for 'old')
get (acquire; understand)
lea (open grassland; field)
lam (on the run)
jay (bird of the crow family)
rat (rodent; fink)
boy (male child)
die (stop living; gaming cube)
net (mesh material; amount after deductions)
hie (move quickly)
eel (snakelike fish)
ewe (female sheep)
lip (edge; rim)
rave (rant; talk wildly)
ski (winter sport)
the (most common English word?)
gel (jellylike substance)
Word WithinTeam Name
eve (night before)
ton (2,000 lbs.)
aide (helper)
tan (color; bask in sun)
gal (slang for female)
apt (fitting)
back (rear; support)
row (line; move a boat; argument)
ear (hearing organ)
hit (strike)
aver (declare; assert)
aha (exclamation of surprise)
let (allow; tennis call)
ort (table scrap)
anger (annoyance; displeasure)
ail (to be sick; suffer)

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