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All types of plays that result in a score increases the teams total by only 1
Players don't play offense and defense regularly throughout the game
A regular season game can end in a tie
Contains the largest percentage of European-born players
Players must check in with an official before entering play
Does not have two teams in Pennsylvania
No team nickname contains a color
Uses the most officials
All team nicknames end in 's'
Maximum number of players legally allowed on the playing surface during play is 13
League championship game is not defined by the year it is played
Least amount of possible players on the playing surface at any given time
League's season spans only a single calendar year
Oldest league
League that arguably contains a team's least integral 'specialty position'
No wood on the playing surface or used by the players
Most recent league
Has the smallest playing surface
Exactly 1/4 of the team nicknames are one syllable long
Contains the only team in Utah
Players don't regularly wear masks
Player may be ejected based solely on a number of infractions committed
Last league to adopt instant replay to assist officials in making calls
Contains the only team in Oregon
A player that leaves the game (is substituted) cannot re-enter
Contains the only team in Oklahoma
No form of netting used on/near the playing surface
Only league that can force players to play short-handed
Team must return championship trophy after specific amount of time
Initial possession is always determined before game begins

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