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ClueRhyming VeggieExtra Info
An alternative to coffee made out of podded legumes?
One who has a severe skin disease, and is affiliated with bell, chili and banana varieties?
A dweeb who likes white, elongated, onion-like bulb veggies?
The sleep of a future pickle?
The continuous movement of beefsteak, cherry, grape and sun-dried varieties along a current or stream?
A maize trumpet?
The very end or point of a 'white carrot'?
A painful swelling on the big toe that's made out of Vidalias or Texas sweets?
Praise, credit, or worthiness given to an orange root veggie?
A deep covered dish for serving legumes of the fava and yellow wax varieties?
ClueRhyming VeggieExtra Info
A capricious or inconsistant gherkin?
A somewhat unhappy pungent-tasting red salad ingredient?
A television program about a veggie that is often mashed and served with gravy?
A caged shelter complex for anise?
What one might call a dark-red root veggie on Halloween, as a result of not requesting a trick?
A sophisticated taste for miniature onions?
A male goose made out of a parsley-like herb?
A mantra or incantation about a purple veggie?
An oak or maple made out of sticks that are only eaten when ordering chicken wings?
A minaret or high-rise made out of a variety of cabbage that is white and bumpy?

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