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Can you name the alliterative words or phrases beginning with the letter 'T'?

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Green Bay, Wisconsin (according to Packers fans)
A small songbird from North America
Derogatory name for large women's legs
Golfer who turned pro in 2001, at age 16
What you might receive for running a red light
The worst stage for toddlers?
Media mogul worth about $2.3 billion
Fake-and-bake chain popular in the northeast
Subcompact car produced from 1978-2000
AAA's planned out map route for the roadways
Able to go the bathroom without the help of Mom & Dad
To avoid pregnancy, get your...
The World Trade Center's oft-used pseudonym
To create a sudden change or reversal
4:00 PM in England?
Female country music singer since 1972 (b. 1958)
Indicator that something is about to happen (usually used with 'sign')
Upside down, or in a state of utter confusion
Eleven + eleven
What to yell when 'searching' for this Japanese city while pinching another's nipples

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