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Can you name the alliterative words or phrases beginning with the letter 'T'?

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Double-thick flavored bread often sold in the frozen food section
At a point where you can go no higher; of the very best class or quality
An island nation of North America
What a prostitute often does for money
Sound of a clock
Change for a twenty?
Full-sized pickup introduced in 2000
90's cartoon featuring Babs, Buster, Plucky Duck, Gogo, etc.
Popular site to flatten pennies
A speed test to secure the fastest time before an actual race
Once metal, now plastic, yellow toy vehicle for kids
'(blank) (blank) little star...'
Reservations for a golf outing
Popular running race held on Thanksgiving
A rotating platform used to manipulate sounds
Cause for a party in Boston in 1773?
Schwarzenegger's sci-fi sequel
One who is unfaithful in a relationship

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