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Can you name the three-letter words that begin with the letter B?

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Clue3-Letter 'B' Word
what a sheep might say
honey, bumble, killer, etc.
a soft bread roll (chiefly British)
'Jeez! It's cold out here!'
what people do at auctions or on eBay
storage device (cardboard ___)
a bakery roll; wrapped or coiled hair
what you see before a plant flowers; a friend
a prickly seed case
female undergarment
to purchase
combined bedroom & den; tropical tree seed; mountain peak
to prevent or stop; a female deodorant
body of water
informal word for 'business'
exclamation of encouragement or enthusiasm (slang)
used in baseball; flying mammal
twice; 'Again!', in music; a sheer, embroidered linen
___ app├ętit!
Paper or Plastic?
opposite of small
African board game similar to Mancala
unit equivalent to 10 decibels
what a horse might bite down on; removable drill part
often disrespectful term for 'friend'; Wolverine likes to call people this
what a baby might wear when eating
marshland; swamp; fen; where the guy in Aqualung goes to warm his feet
Clue3-Letter 'B' Word
it transports some kids to school
place to grab a drink
vagabond; your backside
friend or pal; a male undergarment?
what a ghost says
short name for a type of gazelle
style of music; to hit (on the head); to head somewhere
*brand name of pen
to plead (maybe on your knees?)
account of a person's life (informal)
to genuflect; finishing touch of a present
what Leroy Brown is; opposite of good
a yellow mist that occurs in China & Japan
type of constricting snake; frilly scarf
Egyptian aspects of the soul (human-headed birds)
What Scrooge says before 'humbug!'
device that can execute commands; a certain fly larva
to oscillate; nickname for Robert
a sporadically used word for a young homosexual (either male or female)
young male
an insect; to pester
title of respect in Turkey (like 'Mr.')
box for storing things
what Emeril says
conjuction (although, yet, however...)
furniture for sleep
'See you later!'
informal word for physique

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