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Can you name the three-letter words that begin with the letter D?

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Forced Order
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Clue3-Letter 'D' Word
alternate term for dot in Morse Code
used a shovel
small, inquisitive, grey-headed crow
immerse briefly; brief swim; potato chip go-with
Indian dish of lentils and spices
small round mark/spot; diacritical mark
use a shovel
insult or criticize
press for payment; dull grayish-brown
fish by letting bait bob lightly on the water
name (a knight, perhaps?)
former north African ruler
female deer, rabbit, kangaroo, etc.
noise; cacophony
two people
ineffective missile
'obviously!', 'Ya think?!', 'No s*** Sherlock!'
large black dung beetle
poor grade; fourth letter of the alphabet
operator in differential calculus/vector analysis
prosper; thrive; to be able
compare differences in computing files
hanging end; unfashionable/socially conservative person
Indian subcontinent postal service
alternate term for dash in Morse Code
Clue3-Letter 'D' Word
instrumental duet; plural of 'duo'
level of skill in martial arts
not wet
to open
24-hour period
touch lightly; pat
to perish
upper-class young woman
not shining brightly
grass moisture
up next; something that is owed
to change the color of
Indian/Zoroastrian divine being
water barrier; dike
sulfate used as a central nervous system stimulant
fishing technique where line doesn't touch the water
put on clothing
animal lair; cozy room
medic; Bugs Bunny's addressee?
title given to certain monks
unit of pain intensity

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