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Can you name the three-letter words that begin with the letter C?

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Clue3-Letter 'C' Word
lid; baseball hat; limit
rotary component (often used with 'shaft')
Chinese tea
having certain atoms on the same side of the molecule
one of several varieties of baby animal; inexperienced person
prompt; stimulus; sensory signal
variety of lettuce
vital life force; 22nd Greek letter
taxi; enclosed portion of a truck
anti; swindle, trick
bamboo flute used in Korean music (aka taegum, daegeum, daegum)
small, low island
food a ruminant brings up and rechews (good eatin')
drinking vessel
tenor oboe; English horn; ancient unit of measure
because; cousin
to sever; to reduce
mongrel dog; despicable or cowardly person
sob; wail; yell out
type of fish
Clue3-Letter 'C' Word
a pass or depression in a mountain range
with; combined with (usually used in hyphenated combos)
dastardly person; scoundrel
vineyard producing high-quality wine; grade or class of wine
steersman of a racing crew; helmsman
male swan; the center of an ear of corn
third letter of the alphabet
gear tooth (often used with 'wheel')
a dove's cry; a murmur
valley; glacier-carved mountain basin; cirque
foldable bed
police officer
is able to; metal container; put a stop to; fire
a single frame of an animated cartoon
heiffer; female bovine animal
romantic escapade; fling; Japanese onomatopoeia for kiss
an edible mushroom (aka porcino/porcini)
cry of a crow, raven, etc.

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