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Can you name the words or phrases that contain the word 'head'?

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The term used to stay out of debt (or to prevent drowning?) is to keep your... (3 words)
Forward movement or progress
An amazing guitar shredder who wears a mask and sometimes a KFC container for a hat (born Brian Carroll)
Titles at the top of an article or page in a newspaper or magazine
When randomly choosing a topic, you might say, ‘I’m picking one...’ (6 words)
To get something exactly right--think like a carpenter (6 words)
When running at someone extremely fast OR tackling a project with a lot of enthusiasm, you are said to have this (4 or 3 words)
Ample ceiling space
What Robespierre may have yelled during the Reign of Terror (and Judas Priest if he could have been there)? (5 words)
To psych someone out means to... (4 words)
Someone who’s good at arithmetic (such as an accountant maybe?) is said to have a... (3 words)
Beach resort in Fort Myers, Florida (think girl’s best friend)
A Metallica fan OR the name of a robotic Ninja Turtle
To remain composed during a difficult situation (3 words)
To NOT remain composed during a difficult situation (3 words)
To be attractive in all possible aspects is to be pretty from... (3 words)
If you are in the lead, you are...
If you are very egotistical, you are said to have a... (2 words)
A shampoo brand that supposedly prevents dandruff
A leader who has no true power
One whose temper gets the best of them at the slightest provocations
Slabs inscribed with the name of the deceased OR a former Canadian rock band led by Hugh Dillon
Term used to describe a nincompoop (using a part of the finger?)
A Green Bay Packers fan?
Nickname for a member of the Marine Corps

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