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Can you name the words or phrases that contain the word 'head'?

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A tributary stream of a river close to or forming part of its source
The man with the axe who performs the execution
Foreigner song that starts off, ‘He drives a ‘57 coupe, walks with a stoop...’
A onetime slogan for Busch beer (and perhaps still is?)
A type of shark
The top of a sharp fastener OR a foolish person (also a member of Marty McFly’s band?)
If you achieve greatness, try not to get cocky and let it... (4 words)
The lead server of a restaurant
Former sticom about a group of talented students (among them Dennis)
A follower of Jerry Garcia’s onetime band
A line of text appearing at the top of each page of a document OR a type of soccer shot
Stuttering British artificial intelligence character that was also a spokesperson for New Coke
Campers, miners, spelunkers, etc. often use one of these attachable lights to see better at night
A bygone engineer might have yelled this demand when he wanted to go as fast as possible (3 words)
Prudent, reasonable, pragmatic, rational, composed, etc.
One who is addicted to pharmaceuticals (i.e. oxycontin, vicodin, etc.)
A type of (dark?) pimple
A type of (light?) pimple
At sea, this is considered your course
An 80s hair band devotee might engage in this at concerts
In order for a group of people to figure something out, they may have to all... (4 words)
The top of the little stick you might use to start a fire
You have this when you wake up and your hair is a tangled mess
If someone flips out on you (with bared teeth?) you might ‘snappishly’ yell, ‘Jeez, you don’t have to...’ (4 words)
When two political candidates finally agree to debate they go... (3 words)

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