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Can you name the words or phrases that contain the word 'head'?

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Objects that help drivers see the road at night
Stubborn, obstinate, set in one’s ways
A person with very blonde hair
Dwight Schrute has a collection of these, including one of himself
You might need this to make a salad
Beavis’ pal
The leading manager of a football team
The felt inside roof of a car OR a star performer
A benevolent program to help low-income families OR an advanced beginning position in a race
A hit song by Quiet Riot
Term given to a fierce tribal warrior OR an MLB pitcher who aims above the neck
Someone who habitually smokes reefer
Some people take aspirin for this, others take ibuprofen
Some babies are born with this feature
You might ask this question before flipping a coin
The chief representative of a country, such as a president or monarch (also a Chris Rock movie)
Easy way to take attendance on a bus
Term given to the act of a team playing two baseball games on the same day
The person in charge of a school (aka principal)
School nurses check children for this, usually using ‘chop sticks’
The antagonist in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Life-sized, precision-cut vinyl wall hangings of athletes
When you’re deeply in love with someone, you might fall this
Your brow
Your brow if it’s extremely large or pronounced (‘add’ one)?

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