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Can you name the alliterative words or phrases beginning with the letter 'T'?

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Also referred to as a 'semi' or 'rig'
The only thing a DeLorean is good for?
What the clapboard operator might announce at the behest of the director if the first attempt wasn't sufficient
Another name for oil
SportsCenter's best plays of the day
Boston Bruins goalie
Bob Cratchit's disabled son in 'A Christmas Carol'
Compact pickup truck since 1995
Run away
Female vocalist born Anna Mae Bullock (b. 1939)
NFL franchise
Popular game involving 'x's' and 'o's'
Breath mints/candy that come in a variety of flavors
What to say on Halloween
A younger sibling when they blow you in to Mom or Dad
Another name for abdominoplasty
Popular side-dish in school cafeterias
Navigation device similar to Garmin
A popular aquarium attraction

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