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Can you name the Super Bowl based on the game-winning play?

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Game-Winning PlaySuper BowlScore Before Play
James White: 2-yard run (OT)
John Stallworth: 73-yd pass from Terry Bradshaw (4Q)
Efren Herrera: 43-yd FG (2Q)
Adam Vinatieri: 22-yd FG (8:43 4Q)
Lance Alworth: 7-yd pass from Roger Staubach (2Q)
Willie Parker: 75-yd run (3Q)
Brandon McManus: 33-yard FG (2Q)
Isaac Bruce: 73-yd pass from Kurt Warner (4Q)
Adam Vinatieri: 48-yd FG (0:00 4Q)
Jim Kiick: 1-yd run (2Q)
Matt Stover: 47-yd FG (2Q)
Joe Montana: 6-yd run (2Q)
Kenny King: 80-yd pass from Jim Plunkett (1Q)
John Riggins: 43-yd run (4Q)
Adam Vinatieri: 24-yd FG (3Q)
Brent Jones: 7-yd pass from Joe Montana (1Q)
Marshawn Lynch: 1-yd run (12:00 2Q)
Emmitt Smith: 17-yd run (3Q)
John Taylor: 10-yd pass from Joe Montana (4Q)
Ahmad Bradshaw: 6-yd run (0:57 4Q)
Terrell Davis: 1-yd run (4Q)
Franco Harris: 9-yd run (3Q)
Gary Clark: 27-yd pass from Doug Williams (2Q)
Keenan McCardell: 8-yd pass from Brad Johnson (3Q)
Ray Wershing: 40-yd FG (4Q)
Ricky Watters: 8-yd pass from Steve Young (2Q)
Game-Winning PlaySuper BowlScore Before Play
Pete Banaszak: 1-yd run (1Q)
Plaxico Burress: 13-yd pass from Eli Manning (4Q)
Joe Morris: 1-yd run (3Q)
Jim Kiick: 1-yd run (1Q)
Lynn Swann: 18-yd pass from Terry Bradshaw (4Q)
Michael Irvin: 19-yd pass from Troy Aikman (2Q)
Don Chandler: 43-yd FG (2Q)
Julian Edelman: 3-yard pass from Tom Brady (2:02 4Q)
Emmitt Smith: 1-yd run (3Q)
Jan Stenerud: 25-yd FG (2Q)
Howard Griffith: 1-yd run (4Q)
Jim Taylor: 14-yd run (2Q)
Matt Suhey: 11-yd run (1Q)
Gary Clark: 30-yd pass from Mark Rypien (3Q)
Justin Tucker: 38-yd FG (4Q)
Matt Bahr: 21-yd FG (4Q)
Jeremy Shockey: 2-yd pass from Drew Brees (4Q)
Adam Vinatieri: 41-yd FG (0:04 4Q)
Jim Turner: 32-yd FG (3Q)
Greg Jennings: 8-yd pass from Aaron Rodgers (4Q)
Brett Favre: 2-yd run (2Q)
Santonio Holmes: 6-yd pass from Ben Roethlisberger (4Q)
Cliff Branch: 12-yd pass from Jim Plunkett (2Q)
Jim O'Brien: 32-yd FG (0:05, 4Q)
Lynn Swann: 64-yd pass from Terry Bradshaw (4Q)

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