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Can you name which starting quarterback had the better rating in each Super Bowl? (see Game Notes)

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QuarterbacksA or B?Rating
I: Len Dawson (KC) or Bart Starr (GB)
II: Bart Starr (GB) or Daryle Lamonica (OAK)
III: Joe Namath (NYJ) or Earl Morrall (BAL)
IV: Joe Kapp (MIN) or Len Dawson (KC)
V: Johnny Unitas (BAL) or Craig Morton (DAL)
VI: Roger Staubach (DAL) or Bob Griese (MIA)
VII: Bob Griese (MIA) or Billy Kilmer (WAS)
VIII: Fran Tarkenton (MIN) or Bob Griese (MIA)
IX: Terry Bradshaw (PIT) or Fran Tarkenton (MIN)
X: Roger Staubach (DAL) or Terry Bradshaw (PIT)
XI: Ken Stabler (OAK) or Fran Tarkenton (MIN)
XII: Roger Staubach (DAL) or Craig Morton (DEN)
XIII: Terry Bradshaw (PIT) or Roger Staubach (DAL)
XIV: Vince Ferragamo (LA) or Terry Bradshaw (PIT)
XV: Jim Plunkett (OAK) or Ron Jaworski (PHI)
XVI: Joe Montana (SF) or Ken Anderson (CIN)
XVII: David Woodley (MIA) or Joe Theismann (WAS)
XVIII: Joe Theismann (WAS) or Jim Plunkett (LA)
XIX: Dan Marino (MIA) or Joe Montana (SF)
XX: Jim Mcmahon (CHI) or Tony Eason (NE)
XXI: John Elway (DEN) or Phil Simms (NYG)
XXII: Doug Williams (WAS) or John Elway (DEN)
XXIII: Boomer Esiason (CIN) or Joe Montana (SF)
XXIV: Joe Montana (SF) or John Elway (DEN)
XXV: Jim Kelly (BUF) or Jeff Hostetler (NYG)
XXVI: Mark Rypien (WAS) or Jim Kelly (BUF)
QuarterbacksA or B?Rating
XXVII: Jim Kelly (BUF) or Troy Aikman (DAL)
XXVIII: Troy Aikman (DAL) or Jim Kelly (BUF)
XXIX: Stan Humphries (SD) or Steve Young (SF)
XXX: Troy Aikman (DAL) or Neil O'Donnell (PIT)
XXXI: Drew Bledsoe (NE) or Brett Favre (GB)
XXXII: Brett Favre (GB) or John Elway (DEN)
XXXIII: John Elway (DEN) or Chris Chandler (ATL)
XXXIV: Kurt Warner (STL) or Steve McNair (TEN)
XXXV: Trent Dilfer (BAL) or Kerry Collins (NYG)
XXXVI Kurt Warner (STL) or Tom Brady (NE)
XXXVII: Rich Gannon (OAK) or Brad Johnson (TB)
XXXVIII: Jake Delhomme (CAR) or Tom Brady (NE)
XXXIX: Tom Brady (NE) or Donovan McNabb (PHI)
XL: Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) or Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)
XLI: Peyton Manning (IND) or Rex Grossman (CHI)
XLII: Eli Manning (NYG) or Tom Brady (NE)
XLIII: Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) or Kurt Warner (ARI)
XLIV: Drew Brees (NO) or Peyton Manning (IND)
XLV: Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) or Aaron Rodgers (GB)
XLVI: Eli Manning (NYG) or Tom Brady (NE)
XLVII: Joe Flacco (BAL) or Colin Kaepernick (SF)
XLVIII: Russell Wilson (SEA) or Peyton Manning (DEN)
XLIX: Tom Brady (NE) or Russell Wilson (SEA)
50: Cam Newton (CAR) or Peyton Manning (DEN)
LI: Tom Brady (NE) or Matt Ryan (ATL)
LII: Nick Foles (PHI) or Tom Brady (NE)

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