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ClueRhyming FruitExtra Info
A 'beer belly' as a result of eating too many desert island palm tree staples?
A stupid (or maybe speechless?) pitted fruit of red and purple varieties?
An alert bosc or bartlett?
A minuscule fuzzy fruit common in New Zealand?
Food of the gods flavored with Chiquita or Del Monte varieties?
A bell or ring for a green citrus fruit?
A large teardrop-shaped fruit of the Mediterranean?
The staff needed for the production and distribution of green-flesh melons?
A wrinkled Middle East staple that wasn't cultivated on time?
The washing or cleansing of a hard yellow apple-like fruit?
ClueRhyming FruitExtra Info
A cloak or mantle worn by a Concord?
A blood-sucking annelid found in a juicy commodity of Georgia and South Carolina?
A song or jingle for a dried plum?
A small (usually deep red) pitted fruit that's quite happy?
A 'fuzz-less peach' that has just been washed?
The place to find tiny orange citrus fruits that are commonly eaten whole?
A yellow citrus fruit found in Sana'a?
A ballroom dance performed while holding the world's most consumed fruit?
Corded hemp/jute used for pulling/raising melons with orange flesh?
(Pillaged?) money needed to purchase the cross between a pomelo and an orange?

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