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Can you name the one-syllable bands/artists, based on the subtle (and not so subtle) clues?

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Forced Order
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Somewhat Subtle ClueBand/Artist
I'm always at a crossroads when a Clapton song comes on, because there are multiple bands to guess from
Wake me up before you go with the correct answer to this 1980s dance pop band!
Please don't steal my sunshine by making a more clever clue for this band that made it big in 1999
I'm still waiting to see the unique precipitation that this son of a monarch sings about
I will give you a song 2 help you guess this band...oh, wait. I think I just did
Do you th!nk you can f!nd the l!nk between th!s clue and the art!st; you'll have another correct answer !f you do (*w!nk w!nk*)
This band soared to stardom with supersonic speed as a result of one of their singles being featured on those silhouette iPod commercials
You wanna know the name of this band that originated during the grunge era? Comedown here and I'll tell ya
All right now, let's see if you can guess this band that started rocking in 1968
This band really came out of the cellar in 1984 with an infestation of glam and heavy metal--gott thatt?
In 1996, this band really went the distance with their sophomore album Fashion Nugget
Have faith that you can guess this doctrinal/dogmatic 90s band that came around full circle in 2009
Ironically, he became a winner with his song 'Loser'
Somewhat Subtle ClueBand/Artist
You're your own worst enemy if you are unable to guess this band that really luminesced in 1999
This Paul McCartney avian offshoot took flight in 1971
Why can't we be friends? Because you basically named your band Conflict
Contrary to popular belief, they are not kids/knights in Satan's service, nor are they the kinder SS
If I give you a hint in a roundabout way, do you think you'll guess this band? It's a simple affirmative or no answer
If you kan you kome up with the korrect answers from this klue, I'd be amaized
I don't have the cardiovascular musculature to chide you if you get this Wilson-sisters band wrong
They are no fly-by-night band, as they have been rocking out since the late-60s
One of their songs is not about a rap city in an area in present-day western Czech Republic, nor is the first lyric concerning Fanta sea
Maybe you can live vicariously through this band by acting like a wrench
You're fooling yourself if you overthink this clue about this favorite band of drummers, and 2nd little pigs, perhaps
I really belive you can get this band, and no, that is not a typo

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