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Can you name the words/phrases that begin and end with the letter 'o'?

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Forced Order
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A last name once used by Cincinnati Bengals' receiver Chad Johnson
The only world capital to fit this category
The pink enemy that shoots eggs out of its mouth in Super Mario Bros. 2 (apparently is really called 'Birdo')
One of the Great Lakes or a province in Canada
The Spanish word for 'other'
Discoverer's cry (popular in crosswords)
Shakespearean tragedy or a board game with black & white discs also called Reversi
A Nabisco sandwich cookie (why anyone wouldn't buy 'Double Stuff' is beyond me)
A South American river that borders Venezuela and Colombia
Another name for margarine
Mickey's favorite city?
A miscellaneous collection of things (aka 'olla podrida')
A city in north central New York State
Privy to
The opposite of what the Kool-Aid Man might say?
Columbus' state or a song by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Prefix meaning 'of or relating to bones'
The Simpsons' bus driver or a nationalistic & militaristic 1st Chancellor of the German Empire
Numero entre siete y nueve (perdoname Espanol)

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