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Can you name the rhyming answers to the following clues? (each answer will contain the name of a car model--see instructions)

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ClueRhyming Car ModelExtra Info
A style of music popular in New Orleans that one would listen to while driving a Mercury?
The result of a black Volkswagen sedan left in the sun all day?
A master, noble or god who rules over a popular model of Honda?
A baseball glove in a Honda subcompact?
Bottles of liquor in the trunk of a Chevy compact?
A throng, or organized group of criminals representing an iconic Ford sports car?
An arboreal structure that grows Mazda compacts?
A split or division amongst doctrinal beliefs over a Geo/Chevy compact?
Egon's Jeep that he drove to work every day while he was busting ghosts?
A typically sleeveless & collarless button-down garment worn while driving a Nissan minivan?
ClueRhyming Car ModelExtra Info
A map or schematic in a Dodge model that resurfaced (albeit restylized) in 2013?
A shock or sudden shake while driving a Chevy hybrid?
The absence of something on a Subaru model named after a region in Australia?
A 'strengthy' Kia that is of a color between white and black?
A rubber blade on the windshield of an expensive Dodge sports car?
One who despises a certain Lincoln SUV?
A conch belonging to an erstwhile Toyota subcompact?
A word or sound repeated during meditation (originally by a Hindu or Buddhist) while driving a Hyundai compact car?
Enticement from a former mid-size produced by Ford?
The result of a Chevy sports car left out in the rain?

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