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QUIZ: Can you name the words that begin with sh?

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brittle rock made from compacted mud or clay
device for removing snow or for digging
small (or jumbo) crustacean
acute; smart; honed
somewhat necessary when forming a phalanx
fragments from an exploded artillery shell
assistant-to-the-regional manager Dwight
one who steals merchandise during operating store hours
how one should destroy sensitive documents?
button-down or v-neck clothing variety
electric jolt; awe go-with?
a woody plant of relatively low height
A piece of roofing material
Japanese mushroom
crudely-built cabin or place of residence
conditioner go-with
to yell; vociferate; 'You Know You Make Me Wanna'
tremble; quiver; '____ me timbers!'
put aside temporarily; postpone
part of some roads and most upper arms
the coast; the seaside
diminish; reduce; cower; psychotherapist?
to husk corn
fire a gun
resin melted into thin flakes, used for making varnish

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