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QUIZ: Can you pick the pronunciation that is the generally accepted one in the English-speaking language? (see game notes)

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SCHISM (split/division between opposed sections, parties, churches, etc.)A) 'shizm' B) 'skeezm' C) 'skizm'
SLOUGH (snake skin that has been shed)A) 'slau' B) 'sluff' C) 'slow'
QUEUE (line or sequence of something)A) 'kyoo' B) 'KYOO-ee' C) 'KYOO-ee-yoo'
MISCHIEVOUS (playfully troublesome)A) 'MISS-ch-viss' B) 'miss-CHEE-viss' C) 'miss-CHEE-vee-us'
CHOIR (group of singers--typically in a church)A) 'chore' B) 'kwire' C) 'kwohr'
BOATSWAIN (ship officer in charge of equipment and crew)A) 'BO-sin' B) 'BOT-swayne' C) 'BOTE'-swayne'
SOW (to scatter seeds)A) 'sau' B) 'syew' C) 'so'
BEATITUDE (supreme blessedness)A) 'be-AT-ih-tood' B) 'BYOO-tih-tood' C) 'BEE-tih-tood'
TROUGH (narrow open container for animals to eat/drink out of)A) 'trau' B) 'truff' C) 'troff'
SHIV (knife or razor used as a weapon)A) 'chiv' B) 'shiv' C) 'sheev'
ROUGE (facial cosmetic)A) 'rōzh' B) 'rōg' C) 'roozh'
DEARTH (scarce supply; lack)A) 'durth' B) 'deerth' C) 'darth'
SHOAT (young pig)A) 'shote' B) 'shoot' C) 'SHOW-at'
SCYTHE (cutting tool--think Grim Reaper)A) 'skith' B) 'sīthe' C) 'sith'
KRAIT (venomous snake found in Asia)A) 'krate' B) 'krite' C) 'KRAY-it'
ESPECIALLY (to a great extent; very much)A) 'ex-SPESHALLY' B) 'eh-SPESH-ee-uh-lee' C) 'eh-SPESHALLY'
DYNAMO (extremely energetic person)A) 'die-NAM-oh' B) 'DIE-nih-moh' C) 'DIN-ih-moh'
BUTTE (flat-topped hill similar to a mesa)A) 'byoot' B) 'but' C) 'BUT-ee'
CHIC (styylishly fashionable)A) 'chick' B) 'sheek' C) 'shick'
PROSELYTIZE (convert/attempt to convert from one belief to another)A) 'pro-SELL-ih-tize' B) 'PRO-sill-ih-tize' C) 'PRAH-sill-ih-tize'

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