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Can you pick the pronunciation that is the generally accepted one in the English-speaking language? (see game notes)

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respite (temporary relief, usually from stress; delay; reprieve)A) 'ree-SPITE' B) 'reh-SPITE' C) 'RESS-pit'
lucre (money, especially when gained in a dishonorable way)A) 'LOO-kray' B) 'LOO-ker' C) 'LOO-sur'
aegis (protection; backing; support)A) 'EYE-jiss' B) 'AY-jiss' C) 'EE-jiss'
sherbet (frozen, usually gelatinous, fruit-flavored mixture)A) 'SUR-bit' B) 'SHUR-bit' C) 'SHUR-burt'
archipelago (group of islands)A) 'ar-kuh-pel-AHG-oh' B) arch-uh-PEL-uh-go' C) 'ar-kuh-PEL-uh-go'
cache (hidden collection of items, usually considered valuable)A) 'cash' B) 'catch' C) 'cash-AY'
spavined (in a decrepit or broken-down condition)A) 'SPAV-ind' B) 'SPAY-vined' C) 'SPAY-vind'
antre (cavern; cave)A) 'AN-ter' B) 'AN-truh' C) 'ON-tray'
outré (unconventional; bizarre)A) 'oo-TRAY' B) 'outer' C) 'oh-TRAY'
Caucasus (eastern European mountain range)A) 'kaw-KASS-us' B) 'KAW-kuh-sus' C) 'kaw-KAY-sus'
Leicester (a city in central England)A) 'LES-ter' B) 'LEE-cess-ter' C) 'LY-cess-ter'
chassis (frame of an automobile; support feature)A) 'KASS-iss' B) 'CHASS-ee' C) CHASS-iss
Antarctic (of or relating to regions around the South Pole)A) 'an-ARK-tik B) 'ant-ARTIK' C) 'ant-ARK-tik'
striated (furrowed; striped; streaked)A) 'STREE-ay-tid' B) 'STRY-ay-tid' C) 'stree-ATE-tid'
reprove (criticize; correct; censure)A) 'rih-PROOV' B) 'rih-PROHV' C) 'REE-proov'
tithe (a tenth of annual produce or earnings, given to the church as a tax)A) 'tīth [kind of rhymes with 'wife'] B) 'tīth' [rhymes with 'writhe'] C) 'tith' [rhymes with 'with']
triathlon (an athletic contest usually consisting of three consecutive events)A) 'TRY-ath-lahn' B) 'try-ATH-uh-lahn' C) 'try-ATH-lahn'
rheum (watery discharge from the eyes or nose)A) 'reem' B) 'room' C) 'RAY-um'
chough (crow-like, Old World bird)A) 'chow' B) 'cho' C) 'chuff'
inveigle (persuade by means of deception or flattery)A) 'in-VAY-gul' B) 'in-VAYL' C) 'in-VEE-gul'

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