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Who is Chuck Berry's 'cousin' in the film?
Instead of giving the terrorists a bomb made out of plutonium, Doc Brown gave them a bomb made out of what?
After requesting a Tab and a Pepsi Free, what beverage does Marty finally receive at the diner?
What is the Doc's first name?
What piece of sports equipment does Marty 'invent' while being chased by Biff and company around the streets of Hill Valley?
What is Marty's girlfriend's name?
Name one of the boys that might have called Linda (Marty's sister) after she became popular
What is the name of Marty's high school band?
Doc Brown has a dog. What is its name?
Where does Marty agree to meet Doc Brown at 1:15 AM?
What country were the terrorists from?
According to Doc Brown's calculations, how fast must one drive the DeLorean in order to 'see some serious s***?'
At what time did (and then does) lightning strike the clock tower?
Whether young version or old, on what day does Biff like to sleep in?
Biff has George McFly's car towed all the way to his house, and all George has for him is a ____? (two words)
Near the end of the film, who tells Marty that he always wears a suit to the office?
To which of his uncles does Marty say, 'Better get used to these bars, kid?'
What is the name of the rhythmic ceremonial ritual at which George kisses Lorraine?
In what year did Marty's sister graduate high school?
What show was Lorraine's father so excited to watch during dinner, as a result of their first TV purchase? (actor also accepted)

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