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The formation of Israel - the independence of Pakistan
The number of attempted Mongol invasions of Japan x the number of successful invasions by said Mongols
The start of WWII - the start of WWI
The year the Battle of Hastings occurred + Obama's president number
The year Martin Luther Posted his 95 Theses - The year the Magna Carta was created
Traditional year of the fall of the Roman Empire x the year after 1 BC/BCE
The year of the signing of the Mayflower Compact ÷ the number of wives of Henry VIII
The year of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence ÷ the number of mythological founders of Rome
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Last year of the 20th century ÷ the number of Superpowers during the Cold War
The number of original American colonies x the number of continents with British territorial claims at the height of her empire (permanent population only)
The year Mount Vesuvius erupted and subsequently buried Pompeii + the number of years in the Hundred Years' War between France and England
The number of U.S. states on January 2, 1959 ÷ the number of Justinian's Tables
The century marking the start of the First Crusade + The century marking the founding of Islam
The year the Bastille was stormed - The year of the Tiananmen Square Massacre
The supposed calculated year marking the end of the Mayan calendar + the number of years in Britain's former lease of Hong Kong
The number of former Soviet Republics x the number of former Yugoslav Republics currently in the UN

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