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Can you name the rhyming answers to the following clues (see first comment)?

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A coral- or salmon-colored woman's luxury fur?
A fight or melee over the round device used in soccer?
A flaxen-haired actor portraying 007?
A letter or postcard for a narwhal?
Linguini for a member of a religiously devout Jamaican movement?
A crustacean that is a member of organized crime?
A growth or membranous sac between the forearm and the hand?
An accumulated supply of oatmeal intended for future use?
A sundial made out of stone?
A sharply curved or folded penny?
ClueRhyming AnswerExtra Info
A person who joins a club or organization in the 11th month of the Julian/Gregorian calendar?
One of two pilots who soars further into the atmosphere
A piece of silverware for eating pig?
A female sibling who had a sex change?
A leg band belonging to a woman who was killed for her religious beliefs?
A crate or bin for holding garments for the feet?
An embarrassing mistake by the tallest land animal?
A country bumpkin who is under the weather?
An ump for a baking competition?
A sacred building where a Buddhist monk might go for a soft drink or pop?

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